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For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

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Jonathan Edwards – Amyraldian?
A Paper given at the Sixth Amyraldian Association Conference on 26 March 2008 at Attleborough, Norfolk by Dr Alan C. Clifford
Christ and Politics
"Pursuing power: The Divine dimension. Authentic Christian comment relevant to the 2015 election. “Honour God's Son!” The Challenge and Comfort of Psalm 2 "
"Dr J. I. Packer's promotion article for John Owen's Grace and Duty of being Spiritually Minded in the current Banner of Truth magazine (May 2015) is very revealing..."
For Whom Christ Died: Baxter’s Biblical Balance
"The ‘Limited Atonement’ disciples of Theodore Beza and John Owen teach that Christ died for the elect ALONE. The ‘Universal Atonement’ disciples of Jakob Arminius and John Wesley teach that Christ died for ALL. Richard Baxter - urging an avoidance of extremist exegesis - maintained that the Bible demands a balanced view..."
Baxter’s Biblical Gospel
"It is further proved by the sufferings of his Son, that God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Would he have ransomed them from death at so dear a rate?..."
Calvin On Justification
If significant differences exist between Calvin and high Calvinists over the atonement, the same may be said regarding the doctrine of justification. Whereas the former deviation is 'distortion by deduction', the latter may be styled 'distortion by addition'.
John Calvin and Trinitarian Grace
In response to the anti-Amyraldian criticism that the particular election of the Father and a universal redemption by the Son introduces inter-personal disharmony within the Godhead, it is clear from Calvin that all three persons concur in redeeming activity, each in a dualistic way. Thus no disharmony exists at all.
Amyraut And His Friends
Advocates of the 'limited atonement' doctrine of the Westminster Confession really reflect an 'ultra-reformed' mindset. While the Amyraldians taught the truths of predestination and divine election, they also maintained - as the Bible does - that the death of Christ has a universal availability. Notwithstanding the paradox involved in such a view, we are able to cite numerous authors from previous and subsequent centuries who believed and taught the same.
Charles Drelincourt: Amyraldian sympathiser?
Born at Sedan of godly Huguenot parents in 1595, Charles Drelincourt became one of the great lights of the French Reformed Church. Having studied at the Reformed Academy in Sedan, his preparation for the ministry was completed at the famous Academy of Saumur. Following his ordination in June 1618, Drelincourt became the pastor of a Reformed congregation near Langres. Two years later, he was called to minister to the large congregation at Charenton near Paris, his first sermon being preached there on 15 March 1620.
Introduction to Davenant’s Dissertation on the Death of Christ
"Quinta Press is to be congratulated for making this new edition of Bishop Davenant's excellent treatise available to a new generation of readers. It is welcome for two reasons. First, in the context of past and ongoing debates between Calvinists and Arminians over the extent of the Atonement, the author's long-neglected treatise remains an invaluable and significant contribution to a proper understanding of this fundamental subject. Indeed, for reasons to be explained, what one may call the 'Davenant dimension' has been sadly lacking for too long...