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“Calvinus – Authentic Calvinsim – A Clarification” by Alan C. Clifford
This book explores the hotly debated question: did John Calvin teach limited atonement?... It is the author's view that the authentic biblical legacy of John Calvin challenges the 'confessional correctness' of Westminster Confession 'Owenite' orthodoxy.
“The Designs of Christ’s Death” by John Roberts, Llanbrynmair
Edited by Alan C. Clifford
“Christianity, Islam and British Politics” by Alan C. Clifford
A lecture given at the UK Conservatism Conference Oxford Brookes University Saturday, 26 November 2005
“Calvin Celebrated – The Genevan Reformer and His Huguenot Sons” by Alan C. Clifford
A contribution to the John Calvin Quincentenary 1509–2009
“Justification: The Calvin-Saumur perspective” by Alan C. Clifford
Focusing attention on the doctrine of Justification, the article seeks to compare and evaluate the 'New' (NP) and 'Old' (OP) perspectives on Paul...
“Islam – the Finsbury Fiasco” by Alan C. Clifford
What a tragic episode! Full heart-felt sympathy for the dead and injured among the Finsbury mosque worshippers is unreservedly offered. It was a deplorable incident and should be condemned appropriately.
“The Gospel and Justification” by Alan C. Clifford
Being a second revision of a lecture given at the Autumn Conference of THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION SOCIETY held at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford on September 14, 1982.
“Ryle on Redemption: The Gospel According to John Charles Ryle” Compiled and Edited by Alan C. Clifford
Distinct from his devotional comments, this work consists of doctrinal extracts from J. C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of John (The Banner of Truth Trust). They reveal his views on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially on the extent of the atonement and related doctrines of the Reformed Faith.
“Bates on Baxter” by Alan C. Clifford
Born in Bermondsey, Surrey, William Bates (1625-99) was a graduate of Queen’s College, Cambridge and later DD of that university. Vicar first at Tottenham, then of St Dunstan’s-in-the-West, he was one of the leading Presbyterians in London during the Commonwealth period. If ever a minister may be called ‘graciously aristocratic’, it was William Bates. Much loved and respected, he maintained a faithful and spiritual pastoral ministry.
“Brussels Horror” by Alan C. Clifford
In the wake of the Brussels horror, we grieve with mourners of the dead and the surviving injured, not to forget the shocked authorities and the heroic emergency personnel. May God have mercy upon the King and people of Belgium - and the rest of Europe. Sadly, the triple-atrocity was predictable. The build-up of Belgian jihadist belligerence has been going on for some time.
“Gatiss Amiss: Honouring Owen at Oxford” by Alan C. Clifford
The quatercentenary of the eminent puritan divine Dr John Owen (1616-83) has occasioned the newly-formed John Owen Society at Oxford. Held at the university church of St Mary’s on 25 January 2016, the guest speaker at the society’s inaugural meeting was the Revd Dr Lee Gatiss, Director of the Anglican Church Society.
Backing Baxter – publication in preparation
In preparation THE GOSPEL TRUTH Honouring Richard Baxter and the Baxterian Brotherhood Selected Writings of Alan C. Clifford Edited by Jean-Moïse de Charenton
Crossway on the Cross – An Authentic Calvinist Critique
REVIEW ARTICLE. From Heaven He Came and Sought Her "This heavy-weight 1 kg tome of 703 pages must rank as the most impressive defence of the doctrine of ‘definite atonement’ to date. Twenty-three in-depth scholarly contributions provide a comprehensive demonstration of the classical doctrine of ‘limited atonement’, now commonly known in the literature as ‘definite atonement’."
Jonathan Edwards – Amyraldian?
A Paper given at the Sixth Amyraldian Association Conference on 26 March 2008 at Attleborough, Norfolk by Dr Alan C. Clifford
Christ and Politics
"Pursuing power: The Divine dimension. Authentic Christian comment relevant to the 2015 election. “Honour God's Son!” The Challenge and Comfort of Psalm 2 "
"Dr J. I. Packer's promotion article for John Owen's Grace and Duty of being Spiritually Minded in the current Banner of Truth magazine (May 2015) is very revealing..."
For Whom Christ Died: Baxter’s Biblical Balance
"The ‘Limited Atonement’ disciples of Theodore Beza and John Owen teach that Christ died for the elect ALONE. The ‘Universal Atonement’ disciples of Jakob Arminius and John Wesley teach that Christ died for ALL. Richard Baxter - urging an avoidance of extremist exegesis - maintained that the Bible demands a balanced view..."
Baxter’s Biblical Gospel
"It is further proved by the sufferings of his Son, that God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Would he have ransomed them from death at so dear a rate?..."
Calvin On Justification
If significant differences exist between Calvin and high Calvinists over the atonement, the same may be said regarding the doctrine of justification. Whereas the former deviation is 'distortion by deduction', the latter may be styled 'distortion by addition'.
John Calvin and Trinitarian Grace
In response to the anti-Amyraldian criticism that the particular election of the Father and a universal redemption by the Son introduces inter-personal disharmony within the Godhead, it is clear from Calvin that all three persons concur in redeeming activity, each in a dualistic way. Thus no disharmony exists at all.