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The Bartholomew Legacy – Remembering the Martyrs
No, this is not about Bartholomew’s maps, nor about Barts Hospital in London. Neither can we aim to provide a biblical character study about the Apostle Bartholomew. Indeed, nothing at all is said about him in the New Testament apart from listing him among the apostles. Yet, during the early twentieth century, his name was known outside the circles of cartographers, tourists and medics...
The Lie of Limited Atonement
A Ten-point Critique by Dr A. C. Clifford
Rescuing Charles Wesley: A Critique of John Stott
Dear Editor, As represented in Thomas Creedy’s preview (EN, November, 16-17), I respectfully reject the late John Stott’s monumental miscalculation of Charles Wesley’s hymns....
Charismatic Confusion Corrected
or, 1 Corinthians 13 reconsidered. Please read these notes with your Bible open. The following expository notes make no reference to any human authorities, either Charismatic or Anti-charismatic. They are a straightforward account of the Holy Spirit-inspired teaching of the Apostle Paul.
“Learn about Luther” by Alan C. Clifford
Martin Luther is known as 'the monk who shook the world'! Indeed, after thirteen centuries of spiritual corruption, the German reformer heralded a return to the pure Gospel of Christ and his Apostles.
“Delta Course (19)” by Alan C. Clifford
Clarification: Authentic Calvinism
“No Place Like Rome” by Alan C. Clifford
Celebrating the Quincentenary of Martin Luther's bold, Bible-based "Here I stand!" testimony during the glorious Protestant Reformation (2021)
“Bishop or Presbyter?” by Alan C. Clifford
French Reformed Ecclesiology in 1559
“The True Way of Salvation” Presented and Edited by Alan C. Clifford
Avoiding Legalism and Antinomianism. Extracts from The Saints’ Everlasting Rest (1650) by Richard Baxter (1615-91)
“1966 REVISITED: GOING OR STAYING – IS THIS THE QUESTION? 1966 Revisited: Going or Staying – Is this the Question?” by Alan C. Clifford
Following a wide-ranging historical and theological survey, this is the conclusion of a paper first given at the 1987 Church Society Spring Conference, 'The Reasons for Past failure of Evangelical Unity'. For the complete and fully-referenced paper see The True Unity of the Church (London: Church Society (1987), 30-49).
“The Crown, A Conference, and its Consequences” by Alan C. Clifford
King James I, the Hampton Court Conference and the Authorised Version of the Bible THE FORGOTTEN FACTS
“Puritans Vindicated” by Alan C. Clifford – Part 2
A 350th Anniversary Commemoration of the Norwich & Norfolk Ministers Ejected from their Churches by the Act of Uniformity, 1662.
“Puritans Vindicated” by Alan C. Clifford – Part 1
A 350th Anniversary Commemoration of the Norwich & Norfolk Ministers Ejected from their Churches by the Act of Uniformity, 1662.
“Amyraut Affirmed or ‘Owenism, a caricature of Calvinism'” by Alan C. Clifford
A reply to Ian Hamilton’s Amyraldianism - is it modified Calvinism?
“The Westminster Directory of Public Worship (1645)” by Alan C. Clifford
A paper first presented to the 1989 Westminster Conference in London
“Sex Sorted – Its Rights and Wrongs” by Alan C. Clifford
The true Christian Safe Sex Guide
“Reformed Praise” by Alan C. Clifford
A Selection of Hymns and Psalms
“Calvinus – Authentic Calvinsim – A Clarification” by Alan C. Clifford
This book explores the hotly debated question: did John Calvin teach limited atonement?... It is the author's view that the authentic biblical legacy of John Calvin challenges the 'confessional correctness' of Westminster Confession 'Owenite' orthodoxy.
“The Designs of Christ’s Death” by John Roberts, Llanbrynmair
Edited by Alan C. Clifford
“Christianity, Islam and British Politics” by Alan C. Clifford
A lecture given at the UK Conservatism Conference Oxford Brookes University Saturday, 26 November 2005